Winder Felony Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Drug Charges

Most police agencies have special units and officers devoted to drug crimes.  It is quite common these days for even small police departments to go buy a drug dog and then hit the highways stopping motorists for the dog to sniff.  If it barks or yelps, even if they pulled its tail, then you will be searched.

Some tips if you have been arrested for a drug crime:

There are numerous ways to defend these crimes.  A police officer must have a legal reason to stop you and search you.  An attorney who knows how to properly obtain and review arrest videos, dispatch logs and police reports can often show that the officer made an error.  Mr. Healan regularly files motions to suppress in drug cases and has had many cases dismissed as a result.   The police must be able to show proper handling or “chain of custody” of the drugs in question.  Furthermore, the fact that drugs were found in a vehicle or house where you were present is not generally enough to convict you of possession unless the police have some evidence connecting you to the drugs.

Driver’s license implications: For most drug crimes in Georgia, even misdemeanor marijuana, your Georgia driver’s license will be SUSPENDED if you are convicted.  There are ways to avoid these suspensions, but your lawyer must be very familiar with Georgia’s drug laws and license suspension laws.  Mr. Healan regularly finds ways to save his clients’ driver’s licenses in drug cases.  It is not as simple as just pleading “nolo”.

Mr. Healan can be your lawyer in a drug crimes defense case.  Healan Law Offices provides services across north Georgia, especially the following: Barrow County, Jackson County, Gwinnett County, Hall County, Banks County, Walton County, Oconee County, or Athens-Clarke County and live in Winder, Statham, Auburn, Bogart, Commerce, Jefferson, Braselton, Athens, Gainesville or other cities in those counties.  Mr. Healan would like to be your drug crime defense lawyer.  Contact him today.