Jackson County DUI Attorney

If you are in need of an experienced Jackson County DUI attorney trust William Healan III for effective and comprehensive representation.  At Healan Law Offices, your case will be a priority.  If criminal charges have been brought against you it is vital to your future to find a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.

Attorney Healan devotes an enormous amount of his professional time defending the rights of those charged with DUI’s in Jackson County.  His expertise and knowledge with the laws surrounding DUI’s is extensive.  A member of the Georgia D.O.D.D. (Defenders of Drinking Drivers) Attorney Healan is one of a few attorneys that specialize in advanced DUI defense.  Members of the Georgia D.O.D.D are a focused group of professionals who stay in front of the changing DUI laws and share ideas on successful ways to represent DUI clients.

Braselton GA DUI Lawyer

As your Braselton GA DUI Lawyer, William Healan III brings proven defense strategies and innovative ideas to help you attain your freedom. Let Healan Law Offices help you maneuver through the complicated mess of a DUI with hope, certainty and expert representation.   Call today to schedule a free DUI consultation and receive a 10 day letter for no charge, just for letting Healan Law Offices hear your case.

Jefferson DUI Defense

For high quality, thorough Jefferson DUI Defense, call William Healan III and Healan Law Offices.  Healan Law Offices specializes in criminal and DUI defense.  Our law office has been serving residents of Jefferson, Braselton, Jackson County and the surrounding area for over 40 years.  Let William Healan III help you avoid DUI conviction, helping to protect your rights and your future.