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When you are facing a criminal charge, it is imperative that you have a competent defense attorney on your side. At Healan Law Offices, P.C., you can expect assistance from qualified professionals who understand Georgia criminal law and who can effectively negotiate and litigate your case.

Since 1975, our Georgia criminal defense firm has been serving people throughout North Georgia facing misdemeanor and felony charges.

At Healan Law Offices, your case will be a priority. Have you been accused of a crime and you now need a skilled criminal defense attorney? Contact Healan Law Offices, P.C., today at 678-661-3318  to discuss your legal options and to learn more about what our law firm can do for you. Visit our Contact page.

Serving Georgia for More Than 40 Years

At Healan Law Offices, P.C., we understand how damaging a criminal conviction can be to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Harsh penalties involving long prison sentences and a permanent criminal record can be devastating. At our law office, we will aggressively fight for your rights through powerful and compelling representation.

For more than three decades, Healan Law Offices, P.C., has been successfully handling criminal defense cases involving:

Using innovative defense strategies and skillful negotiation tactics, we will ultimately work to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your case, whether it be through a dismissal or a reduction in charges.

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We invite you to contact Healan Law Offices, P.C., regarding your criminal charge. Our experienced Georgia DUI and criminal defense lawyer, William D. Healan, III, is ready to fight for your rights. Call us at 678-661-3318 , or visit our Contact page. Schedule a free initial consultation during our business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn about our fees and consultations. Our law office is in downtown Winder, Georgia. We practice in both state and federal courts.