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5 most dangerous Georgia roads

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When it comes to auto accidents, some roads are much more treacherous than others. Significant traffic, poor visibility, narrow roadways and complex intersections all contribute to more dangerous driving in certain areas.

In Georgia, motorists should take extra caution when traveling on these five highways, reported as the state’s most dangerous with the highest number of fatal crashes by the National Motorists Association.

I-20 in Atlanta

This stretch of road bisects the state horizontally, running from the Alabama state line to the Savannah River, but the most dangerous section spans a mile just northwest of Summerhill. This area has seen several multi-vehicle crashes over the past few years. These incidents often involve tractor-trailers.

I-75 in Kennesaw

Traveling north to south in Georgia, this highway connects with other major traffic avenues including I-85 and the Fall Line Highway. Interstate 75 will see even more travelers when a planned connection with I-14 in Texas occurs in Augusta. As the largest interstate highway in Georgia, this road is popular because it offers a straight bypass through the Macon area.

Mike Padgett Hwy in Augusta

Frequently named the most dangerous road in Augusta, this highway also ranks near the top of the state in casualties. Accidents involving pedestrians are especially common: A nationwide study by Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition in 2019 named this Georgia city among the most hazardous in the U.S. for pedestrians.

Lee St. SW in Atlanta

As one of the more urban areas on this list, Lee Street is a perilous area for drivers and pedestrians alike. Use caution when traveling south on this thoroughfare from the I-29 interchange near Spelman College and downtown Atlanta.

I-85 in Atlanta at Piedmont Ave.

This massive interchange is one of the most highly trafficked areas of downtown Atlanta, sandwiched between the So No neighborhood to the north and Sweet Auburn to the south. Travelers should be especially vigilant when using these roads to visit local attractions like the Georgia Aquarium or Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park.

Lower your risk for serious injury in a traffic accident by driving safely, particularly in dangerous locales. For example, never use your cell phone behind the wheel and call a ride share service if you have a few drinks with dinner to avoid a DUI.