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What are the most dangerous roads in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most effective ways to avoid a car accident is to avoid dangerous roadways. These are the roads where a lot of accidents occur. They may have certain distinguishing characteristics that make them particularly dangerous. You will probably hear a lot of news stories about these roadways on the news when the anchors report on accidents. At any rate, knowing the most dangerous roads in Georgia can help you to avoid them or be more aware when driving on them, which can help keep you accident-free.

According to 11Alive, Atlanta has the deadliest roads of any city in the state. Of course, the data used to come up with this statistic used only major roadways, such as highways, interstates and primary arterial corridors. It also looks at accident numbers. Obviously, roads that get more traffic will have more accidents than lower traffic roads. So, keep this in mind because this information cannot tell you if these roadways are actually more dangerous than a back road or another minor roadway.

Looking at specifics from this study, the most dangerous road is in Atlanta, I-20. Next in line is I-75 in Kennesaw. The third most dangerous roadway is in Augusta and is the Mike Padgett Hwy. Rounding out the top five are two more roads in Atlanta, Lee St. SW and I-85.

While you may not live in Atlanta, you may drive some of these roadways to get into the city for work or recreation. It is important to be alert and aware on these roads so you can avoid situations that could lead to you becoming the next accident statistic.