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4 common motorcycle accident injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

Autumn is a wonderful time for Georgia motorcycle enthusiasts. When temperatures drop, you may love to climb behind the handlebars of your favorite cruiser, sport bike or vintage motorcycle and explore areas across the state. Still, every time you ride, you must think about your personal safety.

In 2018, nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders died in accidents on U.S. roadways. While this number continues a recent downward trend, it is still alarming. To reach your destination safely, you should always wear appropriate protective gear when you ride. Furthermore, you should understand the types of injuries that tend to occur in motorcycle accidents. Here are four of them.

1. Road rash

Road rash occurs when your skin rubs against an abrasive surface, such as a gravel or paved road. With severe road rash, you may need surgery to repair deep cuts or damaged muscles. Unfortunately, even in less serious cases, you may develop an infection or other complications.

2. Biker’s arm

During motorcycle accidents, you are likely to injure the muscles, nerves, bones and connective tissues in your arms, hands and wrists. Medical professionals commonly refer to these types of injuries as biker’s arm.

3. Brain injuries

In a motorcycle accident, you may sustain a traumatic brain injury, such as a skull fracture, brain bleed or concussion. Because symptoms of a TBI may not appear immediately, you should always seek a medical evaluation following any motorcycle crash.

4. Burns

Modern cars, trucks and SUVs have steel cages that offer considerable protection for drivers and passengers. That is not the case with motorcycles, unfortunately. If your bike collides with another vehicle, your skin may touch hot metal, chemicals or fire. Doing so, of course, may cause you to sustain a first-, second- or third-degree burn.

To comply with Georgia law, all motorcycle riders must wear a safety-rated helmet. Donning other protective gear may also help you avoid a serious injury in a motorcycle accident.