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Using caution when riding a motorcycle in inclement weather

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle has many risks, but can also be incredibly rewarding, memorable and exciting for people who take it seriously and prioritize their safety. Because riders in Georgia may come across varying types of weather on their ride, it is critical that they understand how to prepare for the unexpected to minimize their risk of crashing due to inexperience or panic.

While experts recommend that motorcyclists check the weather in advance of setting out on their ride to avoid times when visibility is poor or it is wet and raining, there are undoubtedly those times when they encounter poor weather that appears to have come out of nowhere. While they do have the option of pulling off of the road or finding a safe place to take shelter until the storm passes, sometimes it requires driving a bit further to reach a point like this.

According to WheelScene, if people have to continue traveling until they find a safe place to stop and wait, they should slow their speed and operate their motorcycle with surety and steadiness. They should slowly engage their brakes if they need to slow down, allow themselves more time to maneuver between lanes of traffic and use the throttle with caution and control.

Geico recommends that people consider taking an educational course where they can learn additional skills to help them become a more confident rider. Skills such as defensive driving, bike control and street-riding techniques can help motorcyclists to develop the skills that will enable them to appropriately and responsibly handle any hazards they may encounter on their ride.