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Car accident leaves two children seriously injured

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

In the U.S., 6 million car accidents occur every year. While not all of those accidents end in serious physical injuries, the emotional trauma can certainly have long term effects for anyone involved. For the 3 million people who do sustain injuries every year due to car accidents, additional challenges often result from the accident. Even if someone escapes the accident unscathed, the same may not be true for other passengers in the car at the time.

Such is the case for two families recently involved in an accident along Georgia Highway 11. While everyone escaped the incident alive, two children sustained serious injuries causing them to need an airlift from the scene.

According to 11Alive, a 2005 Toyota Scion XA was following a Kia Sedona too closely, which resulted in the accident. The Kia stopped behind a 2006 Toyota Tundra that was waiting to turn left, and the driver of the Scion failed to brake in time, crashing into the Kia. This pushed the Kia into the Toyota in front of the vehicle. The incident involved a total of four adults and seven children, all of whom sustained at least minor injuries.

People who sustain injuries during a car accident may have lasting physical and emotional damage for years to come. Often, the total physical and psychological damage isn’t apparent immediately after the incident. It may be helpful to have a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer following an incident. This may be a good way for victims to learn about their options for compensation or other forms of aid available to them.