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Is drug court an option for you?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Drug charges in Georgia often lead to serious trouble, and depending on circumstances, you may have to pay fines, attend substance abuse treatment or potentially even spend time in jail or prison, among other possible repercussions. If you have valid fears about possibly having to serve time behind bars, you may want to look into whether you might be eligible to participate in an outpatient drug court instead.

According to the National Drug Court Research Center, drug courts seek to help communities reduce recidivism, or criminal offenders reentering the court system, by doing two things. First, they hold criminal offenders responsible for their actions by requiring them to comply with strict guidelines throughout the program’s duration. Second, they help those with substance abuse disorders combat them with the hope that doing so is going to help prevent future criminal behavior.

Benefits for substance abusers

If you have tried unsuccessfully to overcome a substance abuse problem in the past, you, like many others, may benefit from the accountability drug courts demand. Drug courts require that you undergo frequent drug testing. Also, you may find that the alternative to staying clean and remaining in drug court is going to jail, and this, too, may help you abstain from using again.

Benefits for communities

Research shows that drug courts save communities as much as $6,744 per participant. Also, some of the nation’s most effective and successful drug courts help cut back on recidivism in cities and towns by as much as 40%.

If you are facing drug charges for a nonviolent crime and you believe you would benefit from enrolling in a state drug court, find out if you might meet eligibility requirements. Many people in your shoes find that completing drug court places them back on a path toward personal and professional success.