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What is a catastrophic injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

A car accident may do more than ruin your day. You may find yourself facing an uphill battle when it comes to recovering from a serious injury.

When damage to the body makes it almost impossible to return to life as usual, the injury is catastrophic. This damage is permanent and almost always requires you to alter your work and personal life significantly. Discover more about the cause and effect of this type of life-changing damage.

Serious vehicle crashes cause permanent damage

Car crashes are the top cause of permanent injuries. While some damage heals over time, an accident that involves multiple vehicles, high speed or large trucks often results in significant injuries. Semi-truck accidents, in particular, end up causing catastrophic injuries and even death.

Common catastrophic injuries

Not all catastrophic injuries are equal. While you may recover partially from some damage, other elements may become permanent.

Traumatic brain injury

Any stress or injury to the brain may result in serious and widespread repercussions. Since the brain is responsible for every part of the body, damage to even part of the brain tissue may make you unable to function.

Spinal cord trauma

Accidents involving a high rate of speed or large trucks may cause an injury to your spinal cord. Much like the brain, any damage to the spinal cord may leave you partially or completely disabled. Since the cord is the connection between the brain and the body, nerve impulses may become interrupted when there is damage to it.

Any car accident may result in serious consequences to your present and future.