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Crush injuries are a serious risk after road traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many thousands of people commute to work every day across Georgia. Generally, citizens make it to and from their destinations without serious cause for concern.

Sadly, this is not the case for everyone, and road traffic collisions are fairly commonplace. If you’re lucky, you’ll escape from a collision without injury. Unfortunately, wrecks may result in serious injuries for those involved. Crush injuries are among the more severe types of harm a person can suffer. How do these happen and what are your legal options if this applies to you?

When struck by a heavier vehicle

There is no such thing as the perfect vehicle. Consumers weigh up their options when making a purchase. Size, efficiency, safety rating and costs are just some factors that come into play. The reality is that some vehicles are able to handle a collision better than others. No matter what kind of car you have, if you end up in a collision with a truck, then you are generally going to be worse off. If a larger vehicle hits you, it can cause the frame of your car to crumble and your engine to be pushed towards you. It’s possible that your legs might be crushed in these circumstances.

Depending on which area of your body has been impacted, crush injuries can have various symptoms. If your legs have been crushed, then bones may be fractured as well as nerve, tendon and soft tissue damage. If your head has been trapped, then you could end up with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Even if there are no obvious signs of external injury, your organs could be bleeding internally.

Crush injuries can lead to amputations, paralysis and even fatalities in the most extreme cases. If you’ve been injured during a road traffic collision, then you may be able to obtain some compensation for your suffering. Reaching out to someone who knows this area of the law will give you the best chance of achieving some form of justice.