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What are crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

Crush injuries are a serious issue that many people do not know a lot about. This can make it harder for people to identify what they suffer from and thus the true severity of the injury.

So what exactly are crush injuries? What causes them, and how should a victim seek treatment?

Risks of industry jobs and crashes

Up To Date discusses the impact of crush injuries on the body. Crush injuries occur in any instance where some or all of the body ends up compressed or crushed beneath or between other, heavier or larger objects.

Most people think of fields like construction or industrial production when they think of crush injuries. This is due to the fact that these fields involve the use of heavy machinery and equipment, making it all too easy for someone to fall and end up injured.

However, crush injuries have many other causes, too. For example, people can suffer from crush damage if they get involved in a car crash. Despite safety measures like crash cages, cars can and do still crumple when hit in certain places, which can lead to crush injuries.

Natural disasters and crush injuries

Additionally, many crush injuries will come from natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. These natural calamities cause buildings to collapse on unsuspecting victims, or can crush people with flying pieces of debris.

Crush injuries create debilitating and potentially fatal complications like organ failure, sepsis, gangrene, blood clots and worse. This is why it is crucial for victims of any crush injury to seek immediate medical attention.