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What is carisoprodol?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Drug Crimes

The abuse of prescription drugs is a severe issue in the country. Some people think that because a drug is given to them by a doctor, it is safe. But prescription medications can easily become a serious drug habit, especially when not used as intended.

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that is a commonly abused drug. While it has many legitimate uses, some people like the effects it has and ends up becoming addicted to it.


Doctors will give patients carisoprodol, known by the brand name Soma, to help after injuries to the muscles. The drug helps relax the muscle and can relieve some pain. It is also commonly used for muscle spasms.

People who misuse the drug like that it induces relaxation. When used in high doses, it can also make a person feel giddy or sleepy. It also can enhance the effects of other drugs, such as alcohol, hydrocodone or heroin.

Abuse potential

Georgia law recognizes the drug is addictive. It is a Schedule IV drug in the state. The law recognizes the increased abuse of carisoprodol and addresses the legality of its use. It is illegal to use it without a proper prescription and doctor’s monitoring.

Carisoprodol is safe when used under a doctor’s care and with proper dosing. But those abusing the drug could overdose, which can lead to death. They may have a rapid heartbeat, weakness, dizziness and a loss of coordination. Combining it with other drugs is also incredibly dangerous and can lead to unexpected side effects. The drug is highly addictive and will produce severe withdrawal symptoms.