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What happens if you get a DUI and your job requires you to drive?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | DUI

A DUI might mean the end of your ability to drive for a time. This could greatly inconvenience you and make your future feel uncertain.

If your job requires you to drive and you now have a DUI on your record, you might worry about your career. Knowing your options could help you determine your next steps.

Consider a limited permit

Depending on the circumstances and the severity of your DUI, you may be eligible for a limited permit. According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, a limited permit will not allow you to operate a commercial vehicle. However, if qualified, you can still operate your personal vehicle under specific restrictions. This could include rules about when you can drive, where you can drive and which routes you can take.

Explore alternative options

You can consider looking into an ignition interlock device. You might also have the chance to work out a different arrangement with your employer. If you show remorse for your actions and reiterate your desire to work, perhaps your employer can give you a temporary role doing other things that do not involve driving.

If you cannot find an alternative option, you might jeopardize your job. If this happens, consider using this time to find a new job. Focus on developing healthier habits and making goals for your future. Your commitment to overcoming this challenge can help you make a better life for yourself. While unfortunate, a DUI certainly does not have to prevent you from having the life and career you want to have.