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Hair accessories can cause major damage in an accident

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car safety is an important topic, and it often focuses on seatbelt use, airbags and safe driving techniques.

However, less obvious factors can also impact safety during a car accident, including the hair accessories that individuals wear, such as large clips and barrettes. These seemingly harmless items can present unexpected dangers in the event of a collision.

Potential dangers of large hair accessories

Large clips and barrettes, while fashionable, can pose a risk during a car accident. In the event of a collision, the force exerted can turn these accessories into projectiles. They can break apart, leading to sharp pieces that may cause cuts, bruises or even eye injuries.

Furthermore, if a person’s head jerks suddenly due to the impact, a large clip or barrette can dig into the scalp or neck, potentially causing painful wounds. In severe cases, these injuries could require medical treatment.

Influence of airbags and headrests

The design and functionality of car safety features like airbags and headrests do not take into account the wearing of large hair accessories. An airbag deploys rapidly and if a large clip or barrette is in its path, it can hit the wearer with significant force.

Similarly, headrests aim to minimize whiplash by stopping the head from moving too far backward in a rear-end collision. However, a large hair accessory can interfere with the headrest’s function, leading to increased neck strain or even a more serious injury.

Alternatives for safer car travel

For those who need to keep their hair out of their face while driving, consider switching to softer or smaller accessories. Elastic bands, soft fabric scrunchies or small, flat clips are less likely to cause injury during a car accident.

When drivers understand the potential dangers and make simple changes in the hair accessories they choose, they can reduce the chances of getting hurt in an accident. As with all aspects of car safety, it is the little details that often make a significant difference.