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3 tips before accepting an insurer’s auto injury settlement

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

If you have experienced a major injury following an auto collision, you may be facing overwhelming medical bills. Worse, a lengthy recovery may mean you have to take time off work, making it even more difficult to make ends meet. 

In Georgia, if another driver’s negligence caused your injury, you may be able to receive needed compensation through his or her insurance provider. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters often try to deny or undercut legitimate claims to protect their company’s bottom line. 

1. You do not have to provide a recorded statement

While providing honest information is important, know that you do not have to give a recorded statement of the incident until you are prepared to do so. The facts are not always clear in the immediate aftermath of a collision, and an adjuster may try to use your words against you later. 

2. First offers are often purposefully low

If the insurance company does not deny your claim outright, an agent may offer a quick settlement. Keep in mind that adjusters are capable negotiators, and an initial settlement may be purposefully low to minimize the amount the company may have to pay out. 

3. Your injury may cost more than you realize

If your injury is severe, it may take you weeks, months or even years to fully recover. You may require specialized procedures and ongoing physical rehabilitation, and you may even face permanent disability. Before rushing to accept a settlement, make sure you take the time to price out the true cost of your injury. 

Whether you have just experienced an injury or have already begun communicating with an insurance company, know that you do not have to navigate your settlement alone. An experienced attorney may be able to help with injury evaluations, insurance negotiations and more.