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How do you prove that the other driver ran a red light?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can happen anywhere. However, certain road sections like intersections have a higher risk due to the increased traffic and vehicles headed in different directions. According to the Department of Transportation, most accidents occur at intersections, and you ought to be very careful at these spots as a road user.

Intersection accidents mainly occur when drivers don’t follow traffic rules. For instance, a driver may run a red light and end up causing an accident. In such a case, they are obviously at fault. But, how do you prove that they disregarded the traffic lights?

Why obtaining proof is important

The other driver could claim that you partly contributed to the accident, just to absolve themselves from some or all of the responsibility. This can significantly reduce the amount of compensation that may be due to you. Therefore, you need to prove they caused the accident.

Here is how you can prove your claim

To show that the other driver ran a red light, you may rely on witness testimony from other motorists, the location of damage to the car, or the formal report by the police.

Additionally, you could obtain footage from surrounding CCTV cameras or the red light cameras. Accident reconstruction experts can also use photo evidence obtained from the scene showing skid marks or debris to determine the nature of the accident and who had the right of way.

You deserve full compensation for your damages

It is common knowledge that running a red light endangers other road users, and you need to hold the driver accountable. There is a high possibility of suffering severe injuries due to the angle of these kinds of crashes, from broken bones to spinal injuries. Only adequate compensation can get you through it all, especially if you suffer serious injuries.