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Road rage and motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle collisions can have many different causes, including driver intoxication, speeding, slick roads, distractions and drowsiness. However, a driver’s emotions can also affect their driving abilities and the likelihood of a motorcycle accident. For example, many people struggle with road rage, which can be especially dangerous for motorcycles.

Sadly, many lives are lost as a result of road rage and many more have to live with debilitating injuries.

The dangers of road rage and motorcyclist safety

When drivers get behind the wheel while angry or have a habit of driving aggressively, they pose a threat to the well-being of others on the road. However, motorcyclists are often especially vulnerable because many drivers have more difficulty seeing motorcycles due to their smaller size.

For example, a driver who is very aggressive is often more likely to exhibit erratic driving behavior, such as abruptly switching lanes or running a stop sign or red light. This sort of behavior, combined with the lack of visibility for motorcycles, can prove deadly.

The consequences of motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle crashes claimed more than 4,900 lives in 2018, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Motorcyclists who are victims of an accident often sustain devastating injuries that cause high levels of pain and may even prevent them from working. Some victims struggle with immobility for the rest of their lives, which underlines the importance of holding reckless drivers accountable. The financial toll of the medical bills and repair work caused by these wrecks can be significant.

If you were hit by an angry or aggressive driver, make sure you are well-informed so you can stand up for your rights.